General Knowledge Game Printable

Game night banner

General knowledge quiz is a fun game that we used to play as kids. It is also a good game for game night. For those who don’t know this game, it is really simple, all you   need is three or more players to play the game. The team decides which categories to play and some common ones are name, country, colour, fruit, car etc. This is not limited to nouns only as you may also make it more interesting […]

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Easter Scripture Printables

Free Easter Printables

Easter is one of my favourite times of the year where we get to celebrate the victory of Christ over death and the gift of salvation freely given to us. Here are four Easter bible verse printables with some of my favourite floral elements. This will fit an 8×10 inch frame. Recommended to print on photo paper or card stock paper. To access the PDF files, click on the downloads below. Sing a new song to the Lord; He has […]

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To all the phenomenal ladies…Womandla

Afro woman leaf

I would like to dedicate this post to all the phenomenal women around the world who continue to push boundaries and barriers. The term ‘Womandla’ is a combination of two words; ‘woman’ and ‘amandla’ with the latter meaning ‘power’ in the Nguni languages. Not to forget all the men in support of the much needed transformation in different areas of life from such as politics, science, academia etc. One thing that resonated with me while going through my social media […]

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DIY Tin Can Stationery Holders

Boss lady stationery holder

Are you looking for a creative way to upcycle your old tin cans? I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. I made use of the items that I already have and decided to organise my stationery in these pretty looking cans. Make use of tins with a removable pull out lid if possible as they are easier to work with and you won’t need to flatten the rough edges. This is what you will […]

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One pager printable planner

Planner printable

I made this one pager planner printable for my vision board. It features sections for daily affirmations, goals, to do items and notes. I use a pencil to write on it which makes it easier for updates. The printable is in PDF format and A3 paper size. You can use it as a desk planner or choose to mount it on your wall or vision board. You can also use it with 10 motivational post-it notes. This printable is free for […]

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Free 2020 Printable Calendar

2020 Printable Calendar

The 2020 free printable calendar is finally here. Shout out to The Cactus Creative subscribers who waited patiently for the 2020 printable calendar. I’m happy to have it in before the end of the year. And of course credit goes to Design Bundles for floral design elements. Fonts used Bellamy Script and Microsoft Yi Baiti.  Two sizes are available; US letter size and A4 paper size. The download includes monthly calendars and a yearly calendar. You may also scale down the size and/or […]

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Geometric Pattern Print Printable Wall Art

Simple geometric pattern printable wall art for spaces in your home. I used the Chevron pattern designs together with silhouettes of the Map of Africa (fav), a circle (can’t get simpler than this), a humming bird (yes humming birds look good on most media), and kissy lips! Fun fact: The Great Zimbabwe Ruins which were built between 1100 and 1450 AD have an impressive display of chevron patterns on the wall enclosures believed to be an expressions/symbols of fertility and continuity of […]

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How to easily remove labels from containers

Glass jars

This is a quick and easy way to remove labels from jars, bottles or tins. I have tried it on glass bottles and tin cans for some of my up cycling DIYs. You can go ahead with other activities as most of the time is for soaking the labels to make them easier to remove form the containers. I have seen a number of variations which make use of oils and this is my method of choice. This is what […]

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Finance Planner Printables

Finance Planner Printable

Since publishing Free 2019 printable calendar I have observed a number of people using the calendars as goal trackers ranging from workout, diet  to savings tracking. I have also been doing some financial planning and decided on making combination finance planner printables to organise and manage finances. Visit the Cactus Creative shop for long term use printables;  simply input the date, month and year.  The finance trackers come in two varieties; a monthly tracker for debt  and/or savings tracking and […]

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Free 2019 printable calendar

I started The Cactus Creative last December and one of the posts I wanted to publish was a printable calendar freebie. However, I was too late to the party and couldn’t get it done early enough in this year. Finally got these minimalist floral design calendars out on time yay! Perfect to use as a desk or wall calendar.  Download your free monthly 2019 printable calendars as well as the yearly 2019 calendar in the link below. Monthly calendars suitable […]

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