How to add text behind an object in Snapseed

Text behind image

This tutorial will show you how to add text behind an object using the Snapseed app.  You can also achieve this effect using Adobe Photoshop, but if you don’t have Photoshop this is a quick alternative. This masking effect is a fun and creative way of making text interact with your photo. You can use this hack to create your own poster, magazine cover or to edit any other media for personal or commercial use.

Download Snapseed for Android and iOS


1. Open Snapseed and insert your image from your gallery or take a photo using your camera. Make the necessary edits to your image if you wish.

Snapseed text

2. Add the text by selecting ‘tools’ then ‘text’. You can use any font of your choice. I prefer to use capital letters for this effect to make the letters bold and easy to read. Adjust the text accordingly (including colour for contrast). Make sure the part of the text you want to appear as ‘behind’ the object is well positioned


3. Select view edits, text and the brush icon (middle icon below)

4. A red transparent mask will appear as shown below. Zoom in the image to target the areas you want to appear in front of the text.

5. Using this masking feature, select the text areas you would like to appear behind the image

6. Export and save image

Foodie text behind object

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