DIY aloe vera leave-in hair spray

Aloe vera hair spray

Long time no DIY…apologies for this, my excuse is I’ve been growing my aloe plant lol. Ok so to get straight into business, I bought the aloe plant from Builder’s Warehouse for about R15. I was contemplating what to make first with it between a face mask a hair product. Due to the state of my hair at the time, I decided to go with this leave in-hair spray. Aloe vera has a number of benefits for hair such as hair growth, dandruff treatment and hair strengthening and conditioning. I added essential oils for antiseptic properties, read more here on 6 easy essential oil treatments for dandruff.


Aloe vera plant
Peppermint essential oil
Tea tree essential oil

Aloe vera leave-in conditioner


1. Cut a few leaves of the aloe vera plant. I used three leaves.

2. Place the leaves at a 45 degree angle to allow the yellowish substance to drain. This substance is called alone and it can cause skin irritation.

3. Remove the edges of the leaf and cut the leaf into smaller pieces – about 5cm wide.

4. Fillet the leaves taking care to remove the skin by keeping to the edges as close as possible.

5. Add a bit of water to the aloe gel and mix using a hand blender.

6. Use a fine strainer or pantyhose to remove the solids. You don’t want the solid stuff in your hair.

7. Add your favourite essential oils. I used 2 drops of peppermint essential oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil.

8. Give the mixture a good shake and apply on hair when it feels dry.

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