6.5 Creedmoor Legal for Deer in Iowa

** Correction of regulations The printed version of the Iowa Hunting, Trapping and Migratory Game Regulations of 2019-2020 omitted the wording of a new state law that allows hunters with a non-ambulatory deer license to hunt during each open season until the permit is completed, using the extraction method authorized for that season. The error was discovered too late for the print edition. It has been corrected in the online copy (page 40). Arthur said a variety of rifles can be used for deer hunting, including bolt action, pumping and semi-automatic action, including AR platform rifles designed for military purposes. Other cartridges are allowed if they meet certain technical criteria. For more information, check out the Iowa DNR deer hunting regulations available on their website, or contact them directly. The DNR has released details of Iowa`s 2017-2018 hunting, trapping, and migratory bird regulations in print and online form, which include more details on specific types of straight-walled ammunition that can be used for deer hunting. Are all guns legal? No, not all guns are legal. Only rifles that fire with straight-wall ammunition of .357 caliber or higher with an expansion bullet are allowed. The following center-fire cartridges can be used with others that are not on this list and that meet the criteria for right-wall cartridges: “It has revived interest from many people who have already hunted, simply because it`s a new way of doing things,” Traugh said. But it attracted a lot of other people to deer hunting, and I saw an influx of young shooters. » What is allowed? The following cartridges can now be used in rifles for deer hunting purposes in Iowa. “In our rural agricultural areas, many people live in deer habitat,” said Todd Bishop, chief of MNR`s Wildlife Bureau.

The new legislation, had it been in place last year, would have increased the number of counties with hunts in January to 15, according to the DNR. That`s because counties with remaining female deer permits must offer them in January. Traugh estimates that he has sold 30 to 40 rifles to deer hunters in the past two months, and he suspects that many other Iowa arms dealers are doing well or better. He said it`s common for 25 people a week to stop by his store to inquire about right wall-mounted cartridge guns. The rifles are approved by licensed deer hunters during the hunting season for young and disabled deer – from September 16 to October 1 – and for the first and second hunting season of shotgun hunting from December 2 to 6 and from December 9 to 17. The law imposes a $250 fine for possession of a prohibited rifle, and deer hunting privileges can be suspended for up to two years. The new law requires people caught with a rifle capable of firing ammunition that is not on the approved list during deer hunting suspend their hunting privileges for two years and receive a $250 fine. A big thank you to all the hunters who donated deer to the HUSH program during the 2018 hunting season. More than 3,900 deer were donated, generating just over 620,000 meals for the less fortunate in Iowa! The law allows the use of ammunition with a straight wall, which has already been approved for pistol hunting, in rifles.

The list of acceptable calibers is contained in the Iowa Hunting and Trapping Regulations (p. 31, www.iowadnr.gov/hunting) as well as criteria for ammunition of similar size that is not on the list. Whether you`re a deer hunter, a locker owner, or a volunteer in your community, you can play an important role. As a hunter, consider purchasing additional antlerless deer permits to reduce the deer population. By participating in HUSH, hunters can continue hunting after they would normally stop, which helps reduce the deer population and provide high-quality game to those in need in Iowa. You can donate any legally taken deer of any sex from any season. For the passionate Iowa deer hunter, this is the perfect opportunity to hunt longer and have a direct impact on a local community. Hunters must be duly authorized to hunt deer. All deer permits include an additional $1 per deer to fund the HUSH program. The participating lockers skin, thigh and grind the meat into two-pound packets of pure game. Local social services distribute the game to needy Iowa families in the area.

The 70 traps that participated in 2018 received $75 for each deer treated. Find a locker near you: “If you offer hunters extra days and extra catch methods — so in this case, the high-performance rifle — that`s another recreational opportunity for them, and so it motivates them to go out and harvest deer for us,” Harms said. Approved cartridges must have straight wall housings, with or without edges. Here is the current list published in iowa DNR`s Deer Hunting Regulations. Do I need a special permit to use my rifle? No special permits are required, but a hunter must have the required Iowa hunting license, habitat fees, and deer mark. The return of white-tailed deer as an important wildlife species in Iowa is a tribute to the good attitudes of landowners and progressive management, research and law enforcement programs. Similarly, responsibility for the future of deer in Iowa depends on the collaboration of hunters and landowners, the preservation of critical forest habitats, legislative support, and ongoing professional management of the resource. January deer hunts have long been used by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to control the state`s deer population and curb diseases, namely chronic wasting disease, a neurological disease that kills deer. “These are legal as long as they are in the right caliber and case requirements of this right-walled cartridge,” Arthur added. The Iowa DNR is working with the Iowa Food Bank and its subsidiaries across the state to ensure the game is distributed to qualified Iowans.