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Note: For an uncontested divorce in Alabama, you`ll likely need to file additional forms depending on where you live. You can view sample lists of required forms on the Madison County Clerk`s website and on the Shelby County Clerk`s website. You should always contact your local circuit clerk for information on the forms you need in addition to the following. These forms are from the Alabama State Bar Committee or the Alabama Courts Administrative Office. * All forms marked with an asterisk (*) are to be completed – you can fill them out directly on your computer. An Alabama Tax Attorney Form 2848A is primarily intended for accountants and attorneys to file tax returns in the name and for the benefit of another person. The document is only valid for that tax year. It does not need to be notarized like other forms and requires the signature of the person submitting them and the principal to be complete. It is recommended that the customer. Alabama`s proxy documents can be downloaded to elect another person who can help you and make decisions on your behalf. This authority allows a person you choose to perform any type of financial, health, tax or auto-related activities on your behalf. If you choose for someone to be able to make monetary decisions, make sure they are trustworthy as they have the right to sell real estate or even lend on your behalf.

Once the contract is signed and notarized, its use is legal and does not become invalid unless a new document is signed, a revocation is authorized or after the death of the customer. The testator should read the remaining information about how the property will be distributed in case a beneficiary dies before the testator If your landlord tries to evict you and you do not agree with the eviction, read this form and follow the appropriate steps to try to stop the eviction. * Form PS-11: Application for a Guardian of a Mentally Disabled Adult Parent Step 1 – Assistant – Fill in the full name of the testator or person for whom the will is made at the top of the form If your salary is garnished, you can use this form to ask the court to protect at least $1,000 of your paycheque. (This form is not intended for judgments related to child benefits, bodily injury, or car accidents.) * Form PS-14: Request to Send a Child or Minor to the Mental Health Service Step 5 – Signatures and Witnesses – All signatories must be present before signing this document: remember that the deadline is 7 days after the date the complaint was served on you or placed at your door. You can also submit your response after the deadline if the court has not yet rendered a judgment. * Form CS-41: Income Tax Return / Child Support Affidavit * Form PS-20: Application to Terminate Wage Garnishment (with Declaration and Right to Wage Exemption) Form that can be used to ask a court to stop the seizure of money from your bank account. Step 2 – Appointment of Personal Representative – If you ask the court for any of the following, you may also need to submit this form. Living Trust – Unlike a will, it bypasses the estate process by allowing a person to transfer their property directly to their heirs after their death. Instructions for asking an Alabama court to establish the paternity of a child. Step 6 – Testamentary Affidavit – All parties must review the affidavit and meet the following conditions: You can use this form to ask a court to change your name.

You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your photo ID. A form that can be used to request the continuation, postponement or “postponement” of a study. Parents and siblings caring for a mentally disabled parent in their home can use this form to apply to the court for a guardian so that they can continue to care for their parent. In addition to this form, you must submit a medical report to the court describing the mental disability and the ability to care for you. This form can be used by the defendant in a divorce to respond to the complaint. * Form PS-07: Application to amend the current custody or access order If the other parent has disregarded a court order relating to the children, such as: Witnesses (§ 43-8-131) – Must be signed with two (2) persons not mentioned in the will. * Form PS-16: Application for Examination as an Adult (of a minor under the age of 18) A PreliminaryAma Living Will that includes a medical power of attorney and a living will that allows a person to make decisions in someone else`s health care system in case the principal cannot do it for himself. The living testament part allows the patient to choose how their decisions should be made at the end of life.

A means of subsistence will only come into effect if the principal.. Deputy Personal Representative – in case the original representative is unable or unwilling to serve – Step 7 – Notarization – Once the notary has seen all the signatures, he/she will fill out the rest of the document and authenticate it by affixing his state seal on this form, the court will ask the court to declare an 18-year-old adult.