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AMY PORTER: And you said it just right, one way or another. And again, I don`t know if I had a crystal ball and if I thought about it in advance, but the reality was that we really had the first phase or the first phase and that`s exactly what you said. It was a question of gaining credibility, of obtaining recommendations from the bars of the legal community that everything was fine. It was okay to take credit cards. This could be done if it was done right. So it was huge for us. Next, [Crosstalk 00:25:51] Amy has extensive experience representing owners, general contractors, subcontractors and others in commercial, energy, industrial and pipeline construction disputes. Their representative cases are as follows: Amy Porter: Of course. We have a few goals.

First of all, of course, we want to continue to educate and drive change in the legal industry. We have about 40,000 law firms that use LawPay, but there are a lot of things I`ve never heard of from us. Always resistant to a technology in general and in transition. So, a kind of use of technology to help them, and so we still have a lot of work to do in that regard. There`s what`s called the cloud that we want lawyers to use, and that`s a big change. This is a big change for many of them and we understand that. So how can we continue to advance education and foster acceptance? AffiniPay, the Austin, Texas-based payment processing company that operates LawPay, which is one of the most popular online payment tools for lawyers, today announces the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer. West believes that online payment processing has reached a tipping point in the legal industry.

For a long time, companies like LawPay had to work to convince law firms that it was important to make electronic payments. Now they understand this and the company sees an important growth path. Previously, he held various leadership positions, including President and Owner of Springbox, a mid-market digital marketing services company; CEO of JC Whitney, the automotive aftermarket retailer; General Manager of SME E-Commerce at Dell, the IT company; Director at Bain & Company; and consultant and board member of many companies. And that`s what people are expected to be trained slowly. It was really fun to watch the transition of legal payments. We feel like we created it 13 years ago or whatever length of time to observe this transition and observe adoption over time. Even law firms that were early adopters process more of their bills on LawPay today than they did 10 years ago. So it solidifies in the way they manage and run their business, and they become more efficient. They are adopting other technologies that work with LawPay. And it helps to advance their practice. It`s really an interesting thing to see, and we continue to work to drive that change.

And so when we were able to build that, put that in place, and then we went back to the bars, we went back to their ethics committees, we went back to the practice management staff, that`s when LawPay really started to become the standard for legal payments. Amy Jeffress is co-chair of the firm`s White Collar Defense & Investigations practice. Ms. Jeffress represents clients in the areas of criminal defense, national security and compliance. She conducts internal investigations and advises companies and individuals on export law enforcement, FCPA, classified information, the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), mutual legal assistance and other international law enforcement matters, including extradition and INTERPOL communications. Dave Aarons: Hello and welcome to the Unbundled Attorney Mastermind podcast. My name is Dave Aarons and I am the founder and CEO of Unbundled Attorney. In this podcast, we interview our unbundled lawyers as well as leading industry experts to identify best practices for converting prospects into paying clients and how you can ethically and cost-effectively provide unbundled legal services and other affordable options in your practice.

To learn more about how exclusive unbundled leads can help you grow your practice, visit our website at unbundledattorney.com. An important part of this growth will continue to be the company`s partnerships with bar associations and its integration partnerships with other legal technology products, West said. LawPay is currently integrated with 45 of the leading practice management platforms. As for where this growth will take place, West sees significant growth opportunities in the U.S. legal market. Although most of the firm`s law firm clients are small firms, it is expanding into the broader law firm market. Amy Porter: Some of them more. You would. This, in turn, was probably in the 2000s at that time and when they took credit cards, it was very old on a credit card machine that they had sitting at the reception of their desk, not the right solution. So they took credit cards that they used, a point of sale, a payment process, which is not the right solution in the legal world, is not the right solution. Some of them, even the first to adopt, who were more technical lawyers, opened an account PayPal, which was great, certainly a step in the right direction, but it still didn`t work.

So if PayPal don`t separate their earned and unearned fees, they will withdraw the deposit processing fee. So you only get a partial deposit, which makes accounting very difficult. And if it`s unearned fees, you certainly can`t have PayPal to take some of your customers` money to accept the transaction. So there was a lot of logistics that a traditional merchant account in the payment style didn`t solve. And that`s where LawPay really stepped in and solved the problem. AMY PORTER: That`s a big part of what we`re doing, and this year we`re going to make over $5 billion in legal payments, so we`ve come a long way. ABOUT BAKER BOTTS L.L.P. Baker Botts is an international law firm whose lawyers operate in a network of offices around the world. Based on our experience and knowledge of our clients` industries, we are recognized as a leader in the energy, technology and life sciences sectors. Since 1840, we have been providing our clients with creative and effective legal solutions while demonstrating a tireless commitment to excellence. For more information, see bakerbotts.com.

So it seemed logical for you to come and share the context of the story and how it happened, and maybe your ideas about the future of the virtual process in the legal industry. So, I really appreciate that you took the time to join us and I can`t wait to unpack the genesis of LawPay. AMY Porter: Yes. We didn`t even have a roadmap. Our roadmap was based on what law firms wanted and what they told us they needed, compared to many tech companies that build a product and then find someone to buy it.