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Hello! I have just completed the process of querying a criminal record and I get the reason box for the consultation. Please try again. Remember that if you are in front of a large computer, the locker is on the left side. The Ministry of the Interior administers the Criminal Records Advisory Service, which is issued only online. The service is free for all people who wish to validate and check their criminal record in Ecuador. Hello how I can get the background if I am a stranger where I can mark it and what are the requirements thank you If you have a history in the police file for various reasons, you can request that this information be cleaned up. Cleaning the criminal record or police register involves deleting the records that tainted it. The criminal record certificate, formerly known as a police record, is a document that contains a person`s criminal record. The Ministry of the Interior administers this list of judicial files. The certificate is issued by the Ministry of the Interior of Ecuador, which can be viewed, downloaded and printed; This document is valid for the execution of all procedures.

Similarly, if you are applying for a job offer and have been asked for the police register or criminal record certificate, you can download it without any problem, have the Number of the C├ędula or passport at hand. Hello, you could tell me where I get the Ecuadorian origins from, I am Colombian and I have already been to the Laboratory of Forensic Medicine and Science in Quito and I recorded my data, they took my fingerprints and I was told to download the background of the website. However, I have been trying to enter for 3 days but it is not charged no matter when you access. I need this paper for my visa because I am married to an Ecuadorian, the company or person who is interested in discovering the criminal record must do so online. According to Executive Decree 1166, Ecuador`s public and private sectors are prohibited from requiring the presentation of a criminal record or police register in its various proceedings. It is quite common for judicial records to be requested for various procedures, especially those of an international nature, which is why we will explain how to acquire them in the Ecuadorian country both for ecuadorian nationals and for foreigners who have lived there. Once the criminal record is cleared, individuals or companies that consult it may see a clean criminal record. The Ministry of the Interior has taken the following steps to request the cleaning of the police protocol. By order of the Ecuadorian government, the protocol was renamed the Criminal Record Certificate, which is only made available by the Ministry of the Interior via the Internet. Steps: 1. With all the requirements, go to the facilities of the national police. 2.

Submit an application for expungement from the criminal record to the head or deputy head of the criminal investigation department of the respective province in which the crime was committed. 3. Meet all the requirements described above. Criminal records tips are very useful if you own a business and want to hire appropriate and safe people for your business. Or if you want to be part of the national police during the online recruitment process, you must obtain and present this certificate. Hi hello. I am Colombian and I have to get a criminal record from Ecuador, they tell me that I have to record my data in their forensic science offices. They could tell when they apply for appointment, please The criminal record certificate, formerly called the criminal record, is a document issued by the government department that shows a person`s legal history.

When we are currently talking about a police registry or a certificate of good conduct, we are referring to the same document. In the following video tutorial, you will see step by step to view a person`s criminal record and download the police registry: Certificate generation has security mechanisms to control access to and use of information. The cleaning of the police register is carried out in the active file (in which it is visible for consultation), but the information is kept in the historical registers of the system for consultation by national agencies such as the national police. Below we explain the steps to view, download and print the police log. If you need to present this document in another country, you can choose one of the following options: This digital document is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, which allows you to perform all kinds of procedures in which this document is requested. Simply click on the electronic document and send it for printing. You don`t need to validate it or anything. The criminal record certificate is COMPLETELY FREE, according to Executive Decree 1166, which prohibits the requirement of this document as a requirement of any care. Moreover, its abuse is the responsibility of each individual.

I recommend that you go to the Criminal Investigation Service to find out why your data does not appear in the system. Hello! You must go to the units of the criminal police and present the following: 1) Form for the registration of foreign persons of siIPNE, which will be given to you at the criminal police. 2) Colour copy of the passport. This procedure is accessible free of charge to Ecuadorian nationals with their identification number and to foreign citizens with their passport number via the Internet and is valid for 3 months. The police register can be viewed, downloaded and printed from another country, for it to be valid it must be stamped and for this we recommend: to carry out this process it is necessary to access the website of the Ministry of Government.