Are Blackjacks Legal in South Carolina

Is it then legal to carry a sword of any kind, both inside and outside the case? on the person as they say over your shoulder and on your back? Is it legal to wear a fixed-blade karambit in South Carolina as long as it is less than 3 inches, as far as I know, yes. However, if you attack someone with the knife because you feel threatened, you should be fine, but you will probably have to fight against a lawsuit. So, is it legal for a minor to carry a knife if it is intended for self-defense? It is legal to own or carry any type of knife in South Carolina. It is legal to hide the carrying of any type of knife as long as you do not use the knife to commit a crime or to help commit a crime. Wear a blade of 3 inches or less and you`re doing well both legally and to defend yourself: you don`t need a 12-inch Bowie to defend yourself. Overkill. And learn self-defense skills! You`ve probably already received an answer like it is 4 years later and you`re probably 18 now, but if you were still 14 yes it would still be legal, I`m 13 and I was wondering if it was legal for me to wear my 4.5 in a firm blade? There are no legal restrictions on the purchase and/or sale of knives. A 50-year-old man can sell a knife to a 12-year-old man and that would be legal. Nor do they legally require parental consent. Basically, you can buy/sell as many knives as you want, from/to whomever you want. South Carolina state law is very lax when it comes to knives, although if you live in a big city like Charleston or Greenville, I personally recommend that you inquire about the law in your city on which knives are allowed.

The right to carry a gun and to defend oneself and one`s loved ones has become an increasingly hot topic in South Carolina and the United States. These rights, as well as your intent in a particular situation, may be the central issues in defending firearms-related offenses and in reducing or dismissing these charges. When it comes to providing an aggressive legal defense, the first step is to arrange bail hearings so that you can be released from prison while awaiting trial. A preliminary hearing may be requested to see the evidence the state has against you to determine if there is any basis for the charge. Once it is clear that your case will go to court, our defense attorney can begin compiling evidence and testimony for your defense. When negotiating with the prosecutor, the following questions may be raised: If you or someone you love is being prosecuted for a firearms-related offense, contact our experienced criminal defense attorney in South Carolina immediately. At a time like this, you need aggressive legal representation to ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected. Greenville`s attorney, Lauren M.

Taylor has the legal knowledge and expertise to help you develop your best defense process and help you avoid costly fines, potential jail time, and the serious consequences that can result from a criminal record. Hi all. Short question. This is my Gerber Gator knife. It is a knife with a blade of just over 3 inches and a handle just under 5 inches in length. It folds into a nylon sheath that Velcro must keep the vagina closed. It then has a buckle that I can attach to my belt. I just turned 17 in August of this year. So my search to all of you is: Can I legally carry my knife for use in my state of South Carolina? Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this. Hey Winston, I think these two weapons are considered swords rather than knives, so I don`t know how the laws apply to them.

While I can`t find anything online by saying yes or white, a local knife shop once told me it would be illegal without a special license of specially approved events like fairs and the like. But cannot give a concrete answer. You probably have to be of legal age, either 18 or 21. Hey, the only problem is that you have to open a Bowie knife and a katana or wide sword. But it`s also legal, because they require you to open them. It would be illegal for you to hide the carrying of these knives Have you trained as a scout or has an adult taught you the proper safe use? Otherwise, it`s still legal, I just don`t recommend it. But to each his own. Certainly. Technically, yes. But what is important? It`s legal to carry a hidden knife in South Carolina anyway.

I have a strong tanning blade, I wear it everywhere. (Besides government assets, health facilities or schools, or somewhere I shouldn`t.) As far as I know, it`s legal. South Carolina is amazing. South Carolina law explicitly excludes “dirks” and “knives” from the Concealed Carriage Act, unless they are used for the intent to commit a crime or promote a crime. However, the Concealed Carrying Act covers “any other type of weapon, device or object that may be used to cause bodily harm or death.” Thus, while it may be legal to carry a dirk or a hidden knife, it could become illegal if the wearer was found hidden under certain circumstances. While your right to own a firearm is protected by the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, each state sets its own regulations for the use and possession of firearms. In South Carolina, no license is required to purchase a handgun or rifle, but some people are not allowed to purchase firearms in the state. According to section 16-23-30 of the Supreme Court Code, it is illegal to sell a firearm to persons who have already been convicted of a violent crime, who are clearly members of a subversive organization, who have been found unfit to carry a firearm by a district judge or to persons under the age of 18.

In addition, you will need a permit that authorizes you to carry a weapon from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Simply carrying a handgun without a license could result in misdemeanor charges, with fines of up to $1,000 and a jail term of up to a year. According to the instructions of the SC Bench Book, the offenses related to firearms with weapons that can result in criminal charges that can be punished with fines and a sentence of up to five years in prison are as follows: So it is legal for me to carry my 10-inch Bowie knife A person convicted of a crime must have his weapon (which was used directly in the crime) confiscated. The seized weapon is then turned over to the law enforcement agency, which can use it within the agency, transfer it to another law enforcement agency for legal use, exchange it with a licensed pistol dealer for a gun or other equipment approved by the agency, or destroy it. Today, MBPD told my husband that it was illegal to wear a 4-inch Coleman knife on his belt buckle! We have been living here for almost 4 years and he wears it all the time on the side of his belt. Only this week of passage during the week of the bike, we met all kinds of policemen walking on the boulevard and no one said a word about the knife! Does anyone know how long the knife must last before it is illegal? Contact SLED, My local sheriff`s department couldn`t even tell me the legal age to carry a gun in the glove compartment. SLED cleaned everything. Unlike places where firearms are generally banned, such as public schools, some universities, hospitals, courtrooms, etc. ANY law-abiding legal resident (see link) of any age may own and/or carry any length knife or knife of hidden or unhidden design in SC, as long as you do not threaten others with it or act with malice.

Read it all here: www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t16c023.php With the deletion of the phrase “knife with a blade more than two centimeters long,” the legislator did not make it entirely legal to carry a concealed knife, since the Concealed Carrying Act expressly excludes knives as a weapon covered by it, unless the wearer uses the knife to commit a crime or to promote a crime. The weapon should not be disposed of until all legal proceedings (in which the weapon may be involved) have resulted in a final decision. Is it legal to shoot a knife if you feel threatened by the attacker, which makes you feel like you could suffer bodily harm or injury I know this is an old post*, but any item 12 inches and under in SC “But Tilt” is considered a knife and 12 inches and up is considered a sword in SC. Use the sword with a tool * Canal knife, Machete, lawn knife, for example, can not be carried openly in public time. Can be used in public on a construction site. Anything over 20 inches must have a special permit to be worn in public. For example, for events, fairs or ceremonies. So no, what you`re saying is not legal Hey Cathy; We often rely on loyal visitors to our website to give instructions to other visitors.

Keep in mind that no response you receive from knifeup.com (or any other niche authority or website) counts as legal advice, but we can offer you guidance. I just spent about 45 minutes researching your question about selling a knife to a miner. I got bogged down in hundreds of pages of legislation and I did not find the answer clear. I can tell you that you can contact your legislator in South Carolina: www.scstatehouse.gov/email.php?chamber=BAlso, any lawyer or paralegal in South Carolina can give you official advice on your problem. I`m sorry I can`t give you “official” information on our website (it`s according to the United States…