Monash Law Subjects 2020

Whether you want to work in a world-class law firm, in commercial or international law, in a community law centre or as a justice lawyer, a Monash law degree will get you started. L3002 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) LAW4543 The Death Penalty: Law, Policy and Advocacy. The Bachelor of Laws (with distinction) is an honorary degree that can be awarded with honorary course grades for recognition of academic achievement. Honorary classes 1, 2A or 2B are awarded to graduates based on the average of their scores in all legal units attempted at Monash University. LAW4544 Challenging Government: Law Reform and Public Interest Advocacy. LAW4342 Patents, Trademarks and Unfair Competition. Monash Law is committed to studying multiple times and improving the career opportunities and professional outcomes of our students. In addition to the traditional Bachelor of Laws (with distinction), we offer a variety of dual degrees in many disciplines. In this section you will find the information you need to structure your studies at the Faculty of Law. It includes information on course structures for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, course tips, links to the textbook and programme information, and information on scholarships.

In addition to this rigorous basic training, you can also pursue the areas of law that interest you during your studies. You will benefit from a number of special elective courses such as `Negotiation and Conflict Resolution`, `Media Law` or `Animal Rights`. Guide to Monash Law Undergraduate Courses 2023 (PDF, 11.67 MB) Students can internationalize their legal qualification by including the International Studies programme in their Monash Law degree. This is a unique opportunity to learn about different legal traditions, systems and procedures. Students can discuss both exchange programs and the Faculty of Law with the Studentenwerk. This freedom to create a course that perfectly matches your interests and aspirations extends to a choice of non-legal electives throughout the university and the option of dual degrees in fields as diverse as art, music or science. You will have a diploma recognised by the Council for Legal Education which includes the studies required to prepare you for admission as a barrister and advocate of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Monash LLB (Hons) will provide you with a working knowledge of the Australian legal system. Monash Law is the only law school in Australia that guarantees clinical legal experience. Work on real-life cases with real clients under the supervision of experienced lawyers while earning loans for your degree. Note: This page must be updated manually, which means that it is not always directly synchronized with the manual when there are changes to unit offerings throughout the year.

Please refer to the current textbook for the academic year for the most up-to-date information on unit offerings. This page highlights the legal electives offered to students in the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) or related dual degrees. All law courses are offered on campus on a full-time or part-time basis and all students must take the courses in which they are enrolled. “The right at Monash is unique in that you can take the course as a student. So you can immediately jump right into the degree and dive into the content. Being with like-minded people was the best aspect of law school at Monash. I felt at home from the beginning of my studies and I was with a great group of people. (b.) Introduction to a variety of theoretical, social and other perspectives on the nature of law During your first year, you will begin to master the concepts, procedures and arguments that underpin the Australian legal system. Consider significant opportunities for practical experience, including our guaranteed clinical legal education program, international studies such as the Prato Centre in Italy, a supportive, industry-focused community that understands Australia`s vibrant (and largest) law student society, and the prestige that comes with graduating from a top law school, and you have the perfect foundation for a career life. You will benefit from a range of specialist elective courses in law as diverse as negotiation and conflict resolution, media law or animal rights. This freedom to create a course that perfectly matches your interests and aspirations extends to a choice of non-legal electives throughout the university and the option of dual degrees in fields as diverse as art, music or science. Whether you want to work at a world-class law firm, improve access to justice, or work in international trade or development, a Monash law degree will get you the first step.

You`ll build a solid foundation for a legal career, with your training starting from day one with our guaranteed clinical legal training. With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in the legal profession, there has never been a more exciting time to join Monash Law. (c.) enable students to acquire skills in legal research, analysis, and oral and written communication skills, and introduce them to a range of other legal skills, including interviewing, writing, advocacy, negotiation, and other forms of dispute resolution. (a.) enable students to have an understanding of: All compulsory units are listed in the Bachelor of Laws entry requirements (with distinction) of this textbook. Students should be aware that many electives are offered on a rotating basis, and they should check the schedule each year for the availability of elective units. The number of optional credits required varies depending on the program of study in which the student is enrolled (Bachelor of Laws or Associate Double Degree). Students should review their course requirements to determine the number of elective courses they need to take. The objective of the core programme for undergraduate studies (consisting of the 12 compulsory units and the six quasi-compulsory units) is: Double degree courses allow you to obtain two different degrees at the same time and supplement them with two separate qualifications. And because a compulsory subject in one course can be credited as an elective course in the other, our dual degrees take up to two years less than if you had studied separately for both degrees.