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This review is now published quarterly in March, June, September and December. From 2011, a special edition will be published between July and October. In addition to insights into the evolution of Taiwanese law, this annual special issue calls for contributions on an important topic in hopes of stimulating deeper legal research and academic dialogue. NTU Law Review was launched in 2006 and has since been listed on the TSSCI. It is a scientific journal that has received stable and consistent contributions from Taiwanese researchers and other East Asian countries, as well as European and American academics. We welcome many types of books, such as academic articles, student notes, book reviews, and symposia. The topics of the articles published in our Law Review are important legal issues in various areas of law, particularly, but not limited to, those related to Taiwan and other East Asian countries, considered both from a regional and global perspective. Through a peer-review process, we select phenomenal academic papers that make a significant contribution to case law. Our law journal has been included in the HeinOnline database, Westlaw, which gives you access to all published issues.

(2022-09-01) If you want to know which field or topic is most popular in the NTU Law Review, Professor Sieh-Chuen Huang, who served as editor-in-chief from August 2020 to July 2022, has created knowledge maps to visualize the characteristics of articles, authors, and their relationships. Welcome to learn more about NTU Law Review through: ntulawreview.herokuapp.com/index.html National Taiwan University Law Series is a series of law books written by our faculty members. Publications in the series include books in the form of treatises and collections of essays. Since its first publication in 1975, the series has published a total of 202 books through August 2011. To ensure high scientific quality, all books must go through a rigorous double-blind review process prior to publication. 201903 (14:1期) Family Law and Politics in the Eastern Empire: Co In recent decades, our journal has established itself as the leading and best legal journal in Taiwan as well as in the Mandarin-speaking world. NTU Law Journal has been listed by the TSSCI (Taiwan Social Science Citation Index) since the index`s introduction in 2000. 202003 (15:1期) Status of Same-Sex Marriage Legislation in Japan 201809 (13:2期) The Paris Agreement and the 202009 Transformation (15:2期) Global Trends in Legal Recognition of Homosexuals NTU College of Law publishes a number of prestigious journals: the NTU Law Series, the NTU Law Journal and the NTU Law Review. 202112 (16:2期) Citizenship on paper: on the risk of statelessness 201709 (12:2期) Justice and Law in the Republic and Mencius 202106 (16:1期) Reluctant acceptance of same-sex partnerships and 201803 (13:1期) Use of external knowledge in medium-term analysis The National Taiwan University Law Journal was founded in 1971. Its task is to provide a forum for the regular publication of scientific articles in order to promote and improve national jurisprudence.

202206 (17:1期) Disaster Policy, Law and Insurance in Climate NTU`s first English legal journal, the National Taiwan University Law Review (NTU Law Review), was published in 2006. NTU Law Review has been included in the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) by the National Science Council and is accessible in many internationally renowned legal databases such as Westlaw and HeinOnline. NTU Law Review is published twice a year, in March and September, with occasional symposia publications. NTU Law Review aims to serve as an international platform for scholars from Taiwan, Asia and beyond to share their academic contributions on legal developments. Once again, we cordially invite you to submit your academic work in various areas of law to our law review that affect Taiwan, East Asia and beyond. We believe that with your participation, NTU Law Review would become one of the most valuable resources for academics, students, practitioners or anyone interested in Taiwan, East Asia and their relations with the world. That would be a great honour for us and a huge contribution to jurisprudence in general. We sincerely hope that you will help us achieve this goal. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your submissions in the near future! 201909 (14:2期) Family Law in Taiwan: Historical Legacies and Curr.