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The ethical principle on which the entire legal system is based states that defendants must be aware of the dispute brought against them in a case. Hand delivery is not always possible, so the New York litigation service can be obtained by methods other than hand delivery while remaining constitutional. This is particularly relevant as face-to-face delivery has been much more complex due to the pandemic. While typical New York claim notices are rarely sent by mail, some changes have been made in response to COVID restrictions. Contact NYCHA`s Department of Equal Opportunity (DEO) at 212-306-4468 or deo@nycha.nyc.gov. 90 Church Street, 11th FloorNew York, New York 10007Phone: (212) 306-8680Email: FOIL@nycha.nyc.gov David joined NYCHA in 2020 as Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Managing Counsel. He has brought extensive leadership experience in managing public and private legal services. Together with his colleagues in the Office of the General Counsel, he successfully restructured NYCHA`s legal operations and contributed to overall organizational excellence by supporting and enhancing the professionalism of lawyers and staff, building capacity and efficiency, reforming policy and reducing backlogs, and leading NYCHA`s efforts to improve how NYCHA serves residents to redesign and change. Prior to joining NYCHA, David led a senior practice group as Senior Director of Consulting Services at Epiq, a global leader in technology services. He has developed operational reforms for large organizations, corporate legal departments and government agencies around the world and has become a recognized leader in information governance, risk and compliance, and international data protection. Every day, the more than 850 attorneys and 750 support professionals of the New York City Department of Law work together to achieve justice while providing the city with the highest quality of legal advocacy. The Legal Department represents the city, the mayor, other elected officials and the many city authorities in all positive and defensive civil cases, as well as in juvenile criminal proceedings before the Family Court and administrative code enforcement proceedings before the criminal court. Legal counsel drafts and reviews local and state laws, real estate leases, supply contracts, and financial instruments for the sale of municipal bonds.

The service also provides legal advice to municipal officials on various issues such as immigration, education and environmental policy. There is rarely a major city initiative that is not shaped by legal staff. Learn more about New York`s legal department Anyone who requires reasonable accommodation to serve on NYCHA`s Board of Directors should contact the Corporate Secretary`s Office by phone at (212) 306-6088 or by email at corporate.secretary@nycha.nyc.gov. * Bart M. Schwartz has been appointed federal comptroller to ensure NYCHA meets its obligations to provide decent, safe, and hygienic accommodation. If you believe that your complaint to NYCHA has not been handled properly, you may contact the Controller by email (monitor@nychamonitor.com) or telephone (347-809-5555 or toll free at 844-309-6080). David began his legal career in the New York City Department of Law, where he was a litigator and senior law, policy and management consultant for legal and technological issues for over 10 years. He brings extensive experience and a sophisticated data-driven approach to managing NYCHA`s legal department and its many initiatives. This article provides guidance on how to provide legal documents related to the New York City Housing Authority. The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) develops and manages public housing in New York City as the public development corporation of New York State. The NYCHA Board consists of seven members, whose chairman is appointed by the Mayor of New York and serves the Mayor of New York at will, while the others are appointed by the Mayor for three years.

New York State public benefit corporations and government agencies operate as quasi-private corporations, with elected officials appointed boards overseeing public and private systems. Public bodies share characteristics with government agencies, but they are exempt from many state and local regulations. Sometimes an entity has independent subpoena power and can issue a subpoena without a judge`s signature. If the Agency has an independent power to issue subpoenas, the relevant legislation should be included in the office of presumption. NYCHA usually requires a delivery time. To respond to a subpoena. Subpoenas must be served at least 24 hours prior to a hearing or return date, but NYCHA requires subpoenas to be served at least two weeks prior to the hearing date or return date to allow sufficient time to comply. Subpoenas served less than 24 hours in advance will generally be refused. The Legal Department provides legal advice and representation to the Authority.

After November 5, NYCHA`s legal department began accepting litigation service at the service desk. If the service is electronic, delivery of the process by email may be accepted for documents such as show cause orders, notices of claim, subpoenas or subpoenas. All legal documents that can be served at the service desk can be done electronically. However, for individuals, litigation services should continue to be provided in the manner required by applicable law. Call the NYCHA Inspector General`s New York Department of Investigation (DOI) hotline at 212-306-3355 or email ig@nycha.nyc.gov or NYCHAOIG@doi.nyc.gov. The NYCHA Office of the Inspector General is part of the New York City Department of Investigations and is independent of NYCHA. DOI works to protect New York City from corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse through investigations that lead to prosecutions, the recovery of housing funds, or recommendations for municipal government reforms. Call NYCHA`s Customer Contact Center (CCC) at 718-707-7771 or use MyNYCHA (on.nyc.gov/mynycha), both available 24/7. * To report conduct that may constitute a violation of the law or gross mismanagement of NYCHA rules and regulations, including, but not limited to: Contact the Court-ordered and independent Ombudsman Call Center (OCC) at 888-341-7152 or ombnyc.com. David attended New York University School of Law, where he earned a Master of Laws degree; Touro Law Center, where he obtained a Juris Doctor summa laude; and Bryant University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

A subpoena must be specific about the documents or information it is looking for, not vague and undefined.