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David was very helpful in arranging a PEC email address for me. He explained everything very clearly and provided me with an extremely efficient and fast service. I had no idea how to organize this for myself, so his help was invaluable. Thank you David. Thank you David for your help and service, you helped me get a PEC email, I didn`t know where to start to receive the PEC email and you made things so easy for me, I highly recommend David and will use his services in the future In fact, you don`t need to print your letter, Prepare an envelope, go to the post office and wait in a queue. In addition, sending a PEC message is like a regular email in the sense that it costs you nothing. In some cases, CEP may be the only way to send something online: if you write to a PEC address, messages from a standard email account usually won`t arrive. (You may be able to set up your PEC to receive messages from normal email accounts, and you can still write from a PEC address to a normal address, but either way, the messages won`t be certified.) LegalMail is one of the few managers that allows you to open a certified mailbox with a free trial. Its prices are, on average, higher than those of other operators, as it is mainly aimed at professional users. These are the most interesting offers. I am writing to thank David for his efficient and prompt assistance in creating a PEC account for our UK registered company. We were in the final stages of the tendering process for a project in Italy and realized almost at the last minute that we could only send our tender documents to the authority via a PEC email address, which we had never met before. Luckily, we found this website and left the message without high expectations for a quick response, but David and his team responded to me only 10 minutes after I submitted the SOS message and helped register the account for us and saved all our efforts for the tender, which is amazing! If you are able to write in Italian, a PEC address may be the best solution if you need to send a registered letter to an Italian company, public administration, bank, etc., or even to an individual (see above).

Can I set up a CEP from outside Italy or use a third-party CEP to send it via email? I will go to Vietre sul Mare and Borgia in July, but I would like to have all the papers in advance if I can. David was contacted because our company needed a PEC.it email account to do business with an Italian company. We found David responsive and extremely fast. We received our account within a few days. We cannot recommend VADEMECUM enough. Brilliant service The CEP has its legal value as a registered mail (raccomandata) only if it is sent from a CEP address to a CEP address. If you send your CEP to an Italian embassy, you can use it. David, I am a U.S. citizen seeking dual Italian citizenship. My previous emails at the consulate in Philadelphia regarding my recognition process went unanswered. Would a PEC email account be useful? Dear David, thank you very much for helping me get an Italian PEC email address. It took less than a day after my data was sent.

Now I can contact an Italian court. Sincerely, Michele Certified Email (known as Posta elettronica certificata in Italy, or PEC for short) is a special type of email used in Italy,[1] Switzerland,[2] Hong Kong[3] and Germany. [4] Certified email is intended to be a legal equivalent of traditional registered mail, where users can legally prove that a particular email was sent and received by paying a small fee. Hi David, just a simple question about registering a PEC address. I read Italian and have tax code, so I thought I could open one from the Netherlands (I`ll be moving to Italy soon). But Poste Italiane doesn`t send me an SMS code to my Dutch phone number (+31, 0031, tried everything). I tried Legalmail afterwards and it won`t recognise my Dutch phone number either. Is an Italian number required to apply for a CEP? Dear Cindy, we sent you an email a few minutes ago. I am an EU citizen and need a PEC email address. I already have a tax code, and the only thing missing is a phone number. *The FULL plan allows you to send and receive only certified email (PEC).

You cannot process traditional, uncertified emails. Like many others, I have a hard time finding a CEP provider that allows someone with a non-Italian mailing address and phone number to sign up. I fill out my wife`s citizenship form and need a CEP. Please advise you. Identificativo messaggio: F559241C.03D71B45.255C15D9.462E447D.posta-certificata@legalmail.it How do I get a CEP? Is there a free service? I just need to send an email. I am from Nepal.I sent my usual email all documents but not sent.how to create a pec account.how to send documents. I have more time to send. but not sent. I am from abroad (not in Italy) and I need to open a PEC email address to communicate with the Italian administration. Can you help, please? I haven`t received any emails yet.

Also nothing in spam. I submitted this comment with another email, hopefully this one will work. Thank you very much. I am Fanny from China, I contacted David last Friday to decide to apply a PEC mail, sombit document this Monday. Today is Wednesday, I`m already going my pec mail, so effective! He is always ready to help, thank you. Excellent and fast service that gave me a PEC mail within the day as soon as the requirements (information, payment) were met. I had the pleasure of a very nice communication with David, whose services and expertise I highly recommend. Hello, I don`t have an Italian phone number yet. What are the options for registering a CEP without a CEP? Can you help me? Thank you very much! I need a CEP account to order copies of birth certificates for a dual citizenship application, but I don`t have a tax code.