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PKWA`s divorce lawyers specialize in all family law matters, including uncontested and contested divorce, wills and estate, division of matrimonial property, child custody, domestic violence, and child adoption. In addition to the excellent service, PKWA Law is also known for its affordable divorce and family law fees. Most people who hire a lawyer for the first time may be discouraged by fear of legal fees. It is also not easy to decide among the 5,920 lawyers at 912 law firms in Singapore which lawyer or law firm to hire. And often, these factors prevent many people from seeking the legal help they need. Legal fees vary greatly from law firm to law firm, depending on the complexity of the case, as well as the length of service of the lawyer and the size of the firm. In most cases, you`ll find law firms that charge an hourly rate of $300 to $1,000 per hour. Because it`s hard to predict how long it will take for your file to be closed, hourly rate billing can result in a hefty statutory bill. SINGAPORE, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PKWA Law Practice LLC (PKWA Law) is pleased to announce that Benchmark Litigation has appointed Dorothy Tan, Senior Managing Partner and Deputy Director of Matrimonial and Family Law, as one of the top 100 women litigation in Asia Pacific.

Benchmark Litigation is a respected legal publication and the authoritative global guide for litigants. PKWA Law Practice LLC Offers Friendly Services and Affordable Fees in addition to Legal Excellence We are pleased to announce that our family lawyer, Dorothy Tan, has been selected as one of the Top 100 Women in Litigation in Asia Pacific by the prestigious legal publication Benchmark Litigation. This is the second year in a row that Dorothy has been on the list. According to Lim, “the law is about people.” Partners believe it is important to invest in the training of their lawyers to help them better manage clients and files. And this leads the firm to consolidate most of its legal services with fixed all-inclusive fees that are affordable to all. In addition to specializing in property transfer, family law and divorce, PKWA Law Practice also provides legal services such as property transfer, estate law, wills and trusts, and business services for SMEs. This prestigious award is given to PKWA Law based on the collective survey conducted by The Straits Times and international research firm Statista, which surveyed lawyers, legal advisors, legal executives and clients to identify the most recommended law firms in Singapore. This award is important for determining the best law firm in a particular country after the success of similar awards in Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland. The in-depth national survey allows lawyers and clients to rate qualified law firms in 15 categories of lawyers. These include banking and financial law, maritime transport, and family and property law.

More than 10,000 recommendations were received and more than 4,000 professionals participated in the survey. Effective dispute resolution requires skill. We accompany and support our clients with legal knowledge and strategy. “We are very honoured and honoured to be recognised by such renowned sources as The Straits Times and Statista as one of Singapore`s top family law firms in 2021. This is a credit to the dedication and hard work of our family lawyers and legal leaders who do complex, challenging and empathetic work every day. We would also like to thank our clients for their continued support and trust in allowing us to handle sensitive family law issues. PKWA Law will continue its mission to provide legal excellence combined with affordable divorce fees and affordable family law fees,” said Lim Chong Boon, PKWA Family Law Officer. Alternatively, some law firms offer fixed legal fees for certain services that are subject to different terms. The price of the package is announced in advance and allows the client to make an informed decision as well as manage their budget and expectations before committing to the lawyer or law firm. One such company that offers fixed fees to clients is PKWA Law Practice LLC. Led by Christopher Song, Ms.

Ong Bee Lay and Mr. Lim Chong Boon, the firm is considered the leading specialist in property transfer, probate, family and divorce in Singapore and has resolved countless cases at fixed and affordable fees. In the area of family law, PKWA Law was ranked among the top family law firms in the 2019 edition of Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific. Recently, PKWA Law`s divorce lawyers helped a client win an appeal case. The client earned 75% of $13.6 million, compared to 25%. The percentage oscillation is arguably one of the highest in Singapore`s legal history. The Court of Appeal described the case as “complicated”, “difficult” and “very unusual”. PKWA Law Practice LLC was incorporated as a law firm on March 1, 2004, taking over the practice and operations of its predecessor, a law firm founded in 1988.

With 30 years of experience in the heart of the country, PKWA Law Practice LLC offers friendly services and affordable fees in addition to legal excellence. This year, the company was named one of Singapore`s fastest-growing companies in a study by The Straits Times and global research firm Statista. PKWA Law Practice LLC (PKWA Law) was incorporated as a law firm on March 1, 2004, taking over the practice and activities of its predecessor, a law firm founded in 1988. With 30 years serving the heart of the country, PKWA Law offers friendly services and affordable fees in addition to legal excellence. PKWA Law demonstrates a wide range of legal practices, including transfer of ownership, divorce, wills and succession, adoptions, intellectual capacity law, corporate and commercial law, general litigation, insurance law, banking and financial law, inheritance law, deed of separation, marriage contracts, permanent power of attorney, protection of personal data and labour law.