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“2 Bedford Row is rightly recognized as a leading group, with very serious silk and juniors in terms of advocacy skills and legal knowledge.” GDC v Ross (2014)Acted for GDC in a lawsuit for illegal teeth whitening. The respondent pleaded guilty to illegally claiming to be ready for the profession of dental practitioner and unlawfully using the title “dental technician”. Our award-winning firm offers a range of legal services in four departments, including: “Highly regarded by his peers as an accomplished artist. Sources point to his careful preparation of his cases and his pleasant attitude in the courtroom. This is one of the best silks to work with. Always perfectly prepared, he reads everything and absorbs all the details. He has great judgment and a beautiful manner in bed. He gets along with captains of industry as well as with people who are not at all used to prosecution. If you are looking for a law firm with highly motivated and motivated lawyers who are willing to go the extra mile and use their off-the-beaten-path thinking approach to ensure your case receives high-quality expert representation, the first step to getting legal representation for your case is to have an initial interview with our lawyers. then arrange an initial consultation.

This can be done in one of our offices, by phone or videoconference. “A very professional and sophisticated package,” 5KBW`s workload includes defense and prosecution instructions for a variety of criminal cases. Mark Heywood KC has successfully prosecuted a former defence contractor convicted of violating the Official Secrets Act by recording and disclosing classified defence information on a British missile system. He was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. In another case, Sarah Forshaw KC successfully defended a blind member of the House of Lords against allegations of sexual assault. On the junior side, Jonathan Polnay of the CPS`s International Justice and Organized Crime Division was tasked with prosecuting eight men convicted of manslaughter on 39 counts and conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration resulting from the deaths of Vietnamese migrants in a sealed truck trailer. Barnes Harrid & Dyer “BHD Solicitors London” was established in the 1980s as a law firm in London (Croydon) and with our continued success we now have two additional private offices in Croydon and Mayfair. We have retained our original office to continue providing our services to vulnerable members of society, while providing various legal services to individuals, families and businesses of various shapes and sizes who have become trusted clients over the years. “The clerk team at 25 Bedford Row is well balanced.

They are always available and happy to help you resolve listing and case assignment issues. They are involved in the London legal scene and have excellent contacts with lawyers and other chambers at all levels. Our exceptionally strong team of dedicated lawyers and lawyers is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of legal services. We employ experienced lawyers and benefit from experienced in-house lawyers. We have also been involved in several cases that have helped shape the interpretation of the law in the UK. Tom & Polly are hosting a half-day seminar today entitled “Fundamentals for Successful Case Management; Building a strong argument” for members of the London Boroughs Legal Alliance (LBLA). The LBLA is a collaborative partnership between local authorities in London. “Matrix Chambers has a number of high-level members who are highly regarded. It is a leading group in this field. Red Lion Chambers stands out as a “leader in its field” and is home to a team of “talented consultants.” Gillian Jones KC is representing the accused in a case involving the apparently accidental murder of a woman during the March 2020 lockdown, as well as another charge of attempted murder the day after the attack. At the junior end, Leo Seelig – a newcomer from 2 Harcourt Buildings – was ordered by the CPS Anti-Terrorism Division to prosecute a teenager convicted of membership in the banned neo-Nazi group Firewar Division and distributing terrorist material.

In January 2021, Aneurin Brewer from 9 Bedford Row joined the team. “They have a good selection of medium to high level criminal defense lawyers, and I get great service from them.” Would you like to contribute to comparative guides or receive updates on new releases? Subscribe to our mailing list: “The clergy team led by Paul Venables is top-notch. Polly Dyer has extensive experience in law and litigation related to investigations, investigations and potential liability issues, and her knowledge and approach have made her a preferred junior in the field. Regina v. Berkshire Education Travel Ltd and David ParkPolly Dyer sued Berkshire Education Travel Ltd and the company`s director, David Park, both of whom were convicted by a jury of revenue fraud and money laundering. “Chloe Skingley is a hidden gem. It is an enrichment for the rooms. “QEB is the chamber for regulatory affairs – they have top-notch lawyers and do a great job! “I think the whole thing has evolved over the years and is getting stronger over time. Their strengths come from positive results and the promotion of these, and this would be difficult if not without the experienced consultant who strives to move forward at every opportunity.

“The whole is known and respected in all areas in this field.” A “well-rounded group of true white-collar crime specialists” who defend and pursue high-profile investigations into corruption, money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes at 33 Chancery Lane.