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– Provide tailor-made legal advice and solutions – Offer quotes without obligation – Provide pragmatic agreements at fixed costs The service is designed to help business owners and retailers navigate their legal responsibilities and obligations while complying with Australian laws, including consumer law, trademark law and data protection law. “We believe that the current legal model for the modern and fast-paced digital environment and our vision are completely different from the `old school` approach to legal services,” commented Aldridge. Having helped over 2,500 growing small businesses over the past 6 years, we quickly realized that legal advice and legal protection are at the bottom of your pile until it`s too late. – Provide tailored legal advice and solutions “Our team of experienced e-commerce lawyers have helped more than 3,000 Australian businesses, online shops and digital marketplaces navigate often complex legal responsibilities and obligations,” said Ian Aldridge, Founder and Director of Senior Counsel at Progressive Legal. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – August 9, 2022 – Progressive Legal, a leading commercial, trademark and intellectual property law firm in Sydney, today announced the launch of its e-commerce legal services for small businesses, online stores, startups and growing retailers. Legal services in e-commerce include training on Australian consumer law, trademarks, online terms and conditions, privacy policies and data breaches, review of privacy plans, preparation of data breach response logs, preparation of website terms and conditions, preparation of legal documents, contracts and policies, legal advice for the Member Portal, copyright notices, disclaimers and waivers and more. Progressive Legal provides personal and online legal services to small and medium-sized businesses across Australia. We are proud to serve Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and most regions. We are very excited to be working with great clients across Australia, and the always inspiring Grace Lever is no exception! Over the past 12 months, we`ve loved working with Grace to get all of her legal elements in order for her business. As an online retailer or e-commerce entrepreneur, it is important that you understand your legal obligations and comply with Australian consumer laws. Legal documents recommended in e-commerce are designed to provide legal protection on all fronts. Some of the most common legal documents needed for an ecommerce business are: Founded in 2014 by Ian Aldridge, Progressive Legal provides practical, qualified and timely legal advice, including bespoke legal documents for growing Australian businesses.

They provide specialist legal advice on business structure, intellectual property protection (including trademarks), tailor-made business documents and advice, workplace and dispute resolution. Get expert advice on trademark registration, costs, oppositions, oppositions and filings. Progressive Legal helps businesses succeed and provides cost-effective legal advice with fast turnaround times. Their competitive advantages include: Fixed-fee legal documents that can be purchased online. Legal documents recommended in e-commerce are designed to provide legal protection on all fronts. Some of the most common legal documents needed for an ecommerce business are: – Ecommerce Terms and Conditions- Privacy Policy- Online Disclaimers and Notices- Refund Policy- Market Conditions Including Double-sided Market Conditions- Terms and Conditions of Application- Terms of Sale- Payment Terms- Warranty Policy- Delivery Policy- Terms and Conditions of Online Store – Exchange and Refund Policy – Intellectual Compliance with Property and Privacy Laws – Privacy Policy “It can be complicated, to say the least. For most companies, having appropriate terms and conditions, privacy policies, and corresponding statutory waivers or warnings is a fundamental step missed by many. They are the foundation for doing well,” Aldridge said.

Make sure you have the right documents, systems, and legal procedures in place in the workplace to keep your workplace running smoothly. Your communication and services are clear, simple, and tailored to you and your ecommerce business.