Public Entity Law

Garrett & Tully lawyers represent cities, counties, municipalities and other public sector entities on a variety of critical issues. Since 1989, Walsworth Public Entity Lawyers has represented federal, state, and local institutions and agencies in advisory, administrative, and civil matters. This experience allows us to fully understand the requirements and expectations of public institutions. It also allows us to view public performance as an extension of unity and to emphasize excellence, integrity and public trust. As a partner to the public service, we regularly work with public institutions to improve their risk assessment and management by refining policies and procedures and training staff and managers. We represent a wide range of public institutions, including municipalities, counties, district councils, library commissions, district universities and municipal public services. Our lawyers act as General Counsel, Special Advocate, Litigation Counsel, Public Counsel and Public Defender, among others, and work with the appropriate governing body, board members and other professionals to advance the interests of the public institution and the residents it serves. Representation of municipal and public bodies requires special legal knowledge and judgment, as well as expertise in the functioning of public institutions and bodies and their interaction with the private sector. Sensitive to the legal, political and day-to-day challenges faced by public bodies, we draw on our in-depth knowledge of the Tort Claims Act and other legal bodies to assist our clients. Our experience as government affairs officers (lobbyists) allows us to help our clients influence existing and proposed laws or regulations and secure state or federal funding. Our lawyers work hard to find quick and fair solutions for our clients, but are also willing to vigorously negotiate cases in the district court. Pashman Stein Walder Hayden`s lawyers have extensive experience representing public institutions at different levels of government, including municipalities, counties, housing agencies, improvement agencies, education agencies, prosecutors, government agencies, and the state itself. Our lawyers have particular expertise in tort and defend public entities and employees against a variety of civil claims, from litigation to appeal.

Our experience in labour relations, ADA, professional liability, complex real estate and other matters allows us to provide valuable insights on all public law matters and effectively develop cost-effective solutions. Generally, a public institution is a state or local government, as well as any agency, office, or department run by a state or local government. Examples include public libraries, municipal police departments, community colleges, public schools, county social services, and state vocational rehabilitation agencies. We understand that municipal officials often have to make difficult decisions quickly and in response to public requests, and we pride ourselves on providing timely and professional advice. Our lawyers have experience representing municipalities and public institutions in the following areas, among others: We represent public institutions in a variety of matters, including: We focus on developing comprehensive and practical solutions with lasting impact, addressing budgetary challenges and policy considerations that impact public institutions, are conscious. This understanding fosters and facilitates our relationship with clients by emphasizing a collaborative team approach. Our firm is proud of the results it has achieved for its clients, some of whom are mentioned here. Of course, each legal issue is unique on many levels, and past successes do not guarantee results in other pending or future cases.

Our multidisciplinary approach to local law allows us to represent government agencies and their staff in a variety of municipal disputes, including liens challenging municipal and county council approvals and claims arising under the Tort Claims Act and Section 1983. We have extensive experience with regulations and regulations that apply to local governments and can provide expert advice in any area including: Pashman Stein Walder Hayden provides practical and cost-effective legal advice to local and regional government agencies in New Jersey. Our attorneys act as general counsel for New Jersey communities and special advisors for counties and municipalities on matters requiring expertise, such as affordable housing, redevelopment projects, land use, contract negotiations, environmental law, election, tax breaks, municipal investments, civil rights advocacy, and appeals. We also act as general counsel for land use authorities. The following is a list of counties, townships, education authorities, and local authorities in New Jersey that Pashman Stein Walder Hayden has represented in the past five years.