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You can view the same data in different ways. Something as simple as deciding what treat to buy for the next company-wide meeting can become easier or harder, depending on how you visualize the data. Take a look at the charts below: Standardized summaries of key sections of your billing policies can also help speed up the supplier onboarding process. Use legal templates to ensure that your summaries use consistent language to highlight key findings to avoid misunderstandings and disputes across the board. SimpleLegal announces the launch of Legal Requests, a new offering that helps organizations and in-house legal teams understand the “why” of their legal spend and improve communication across departments around legal requirements. Private equity-focused deals continue to dominate the legal industry as Onit announced its acquisition of SimpleLegal yesterday (May 13) following a $200 million strategic investment by K1 Investment Management in January. Get a double glimpse as host Ian Connett is joined by two guests: Nathan Wenzel and Erik Reeves, who share how they came up with an idea together and teamed up to create an end-to-end IP solution for legal operations. This nonprofit blog covers all facets of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal industry, with much of its content written by people from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. As founder and paralegal Iqra Ali notes, the site is intended to be a “catalyst for positive change,” particularly to support diverse law students. Over the years, the use of Alternative Fee Agreements (AFAs) by corporate legal departments has increased due to a number of factors such as declining completion rates, increased competition and expansion.

Now that you`ve filled up on legal podcasts, check out our lists of the best legal blogs and books. And if you`d like to learn more about a specific topic, check out our free training center for blog posts, white papers, and videos on corporate law. Subscribe and get the latest updates straight to your inbox! Mirror Review named SimpleLegal one of its top 10 innovative companies of 2021. SimpleLegal was founded on the mission to reinvent how legal teams achieve strategic business objectives and deliver value, while maintaining simplicity. This robust website is divided into a comprehensive matrix of specialized and industry-specific legal blogs. From developments in the Middle East to environmental law to fintech topics, L&W has an article for everything, making it a great one-stop shop for legal resources. Check out our Top 5 Legal Ops Trends 2022 to learn how to end your year strong and set yourself up for success in 2023. In this webinar, hosted by ACC (Association of Corporate Counsel), experienced legal operations professionals share best practices for developing and optimizing the Legal Ops function. Derived from the legal blog Above the Law, this podcast focuses on the stories of women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized groups in the legal industry. Named after the necklace Ruth Bader Ginsberg wore on the bench, the show aims to serve as a “reminder that even if we don`t win, we are still a powerful force to be reckoned with.” Configure substance collection and management workflows to make it easier to create and track materials. An overview of the three ways to integrate with SimpleLegal that enable legal teams of all sizes to create lean business processes. While many law firm blogs focus solely on their own legal ads and specialties, others offer an impressive collection of legal content.

In these leading lawyer blogs, you can discover expert opinions, legal research papers, and even new trends. Get insight into legal fees and streamline the billing process. The newfound predictability and ability to quantify legal work open up valuable opportunities. SimpleLegal, a modern provider of software for legal operations, today announced the availability of SimpleReview. AI technology enables streamlined invoice verification by analyzing, identifying, and highlighting billing errors. A hyper-targeted audit process allows the company`s legal departments to invest bandwidth in more impactful work. Zach Abramowitz, CEO and co-founder of ReplyAll.me, spoke with Nathan Wenzel, CEO of SimpleLegal, about Emergence Capital`s recent Series A financing, what the company plans to do with the funds, Legal Ops` growth and more. SimpleLegal`s Legal Operation Disruption white paper provides an open view of technology, data, and processes in today`s corporate legal departments. Phillip Segal, executive member of Charles Griffin Intelligence, shares his specialized knowledge in legal ethics on this blog. With decades of experience in finding companies for Fortune 100 and AmLaw 100 companies, Seal`s contributions are based on practical, real-world experience and research. This fun and motivating podcast, derived from the Instagram account of the same name, features different legal guests sharing their professional and personal journeys.

Log in to learn more about the different forms of success in law. In this three-part series, we`ll explore the importance and immediacy of understanding your legal transactions. We answer key questions such as: What does Legal Ops look like in the continuum? Which tools are essential depending on the phase of the maturity model? What`s in store for the legal operations industry? Discover the intuitive Legal Ops solution, which enables easy scaling without compromise. In 2020 and beyond, there will be more emphasis on giving legal operations a seat at the executive table of the general counsel and taking preventative measures, according to experts in the field. This blog by Stacie Rosenzweig, shareholder of Halling & Cayo, offers witty and informative insights into current ethical issues, from whether lawyers should have separate personal and professional devices to avoid disclosing confidential legal details to your spouse. Very funny to read about not so funny problems. These litigation blogs will help you stay up to date in court with the latest news on legal actions and expert advice. Although this podcast ended in 2020, we are still fans of its vast library of episodes dedicated to deep dives into the development of legal ethics. Prosecutor Megan Zavieh and her guests addressed important questions and issues surrounding the sensitive ethics of lawyers and lawyers who use social media, protect data, legal marketing, etc. Featured in “The Recorder,” CEO Nathan Wenzel leverages his experience working with legal departments of all sizes to provide his list of the best tools every legal department needs to streamline legal operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Many e-invoicing and legal expense management solutions are implemented to eliminate manual effort and increase process efficiency, allowing in-house counsel to focus on what matters most: practice. This generation of lawyers is moving towards proactive mindsets.

Through corporate diversity initiatives as a goal, we explore what this means for the future of in-house law. Modern legal operations are expected to act as multidisciplinary business partners that can move businesses forward. An important part of the meeting that clarifies the basics of data-driven reporting. SimpleLegal, a modern legal operations platform that manages expenses and cases, today announced that revenues doubled in 2019 due to the acquisition of 81 new clients. Professional codes of conduct are constantly evolving, and a simple violation could cost you your hard-earned career. These blogs share advice and actual reports of legal ethics violations and help you avoid the same mistakes. Why start every new project with a blank document when legal templates can give you a head start? Templates provide a baseline (your wheel) so you can streamline processes, reduce errors, and increase productivity. Once you`ve designed templates to your liking, you can customize them to suit each project. Most legal and finance departments rely on disparate applications and tools, resulting in outdated manual processes that hinder productivity and stifle growth. API integration. Invoice templates with mandatory fields and standardized formatting help you forecast costs and improve accrual accounting because you can be sure that each invoice contains the data you need to analyze your legal fees.

Legal departments now have a simpler and more accurate way to standardize and leverage diversity data and trend reports to influence law firms` procurement decisions. “DE&I Tracking and Reporting represents not only SimpleLegal, but the entire Onit company`s commitment to improving diversity in the legal profession,” said Mark Weidick, President of Onit Commercial Business.