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Critically acclaimed, Attack on Titan is one of the most popular animated series of all time. Based on the manga by Hajime Isayama, the anime Attack on Titan began in 2013 and appears to end in 2023. He helps kill his captors, who turn out to be members of the Reeves Corporation, run by the president himself. Some time later, after Historia`s coronation as queen, John and the rest of the squad followed Levi Historia when she talked about defeating Levi. Eren advises against him, but John encourages Historia. He is stunned when she hits Levi, but even more so when Levi smiles softly and thanks them. Jean sits silently as Levi, Armin, and Hange reveal their plan to use Eren to seal Wall Maria by hardening her skin like the female Titan. He is also present when Historia reveals the truth about his past and when Hange reveals the murder of Minister Nick by the first internal unit of the Military Police. He and Sasha are later assigned to stand guard in front of the hut. [63] Kenny`s actions, who care little about human life, have a cruelty that makes him in some ways more terrifying than the titans. To some extent, Kenny loves to kill and makes an active decision to extinguish someone`s life. He comes closest to a serial killer in AoT, and Kenny`s bond with Levi adds emotional weight to his story.

Narratively, Kenny`s arc paves the way for many revelations about the true story behind walls and titans. Cart Titan arrives to save Jean, Yelena and Onyankopon Two months later, Jean, Armin and Eren talk at a farm that Historia uses as an orphanage. He tries to upset Eren, but is ignored. [90] When Historia sees them, Jean tries to convince her to give them a break. She orders them to continue carrying boxes, which leads him to compare them to his mother. [91] . It seems to go together, but it would mean being called at the very end of the year, which seems a bit strange to me, especially since it doesn`t feel like winter at all when they come into contact. Admittedly, maybe they are much further south. Looking for a way to eliminate the titans that have invaded the supply room of the headquarters, Jean and his comrades search the building for weapons and eventually find a shotgun among the supplies of the military police brigade.

Armin hatches a plan to eliminate the Titans in the supply room with the guns to blind them so that others can cut off their necks. Jean is one of seven soldiers chosen to kill the Titans after being blinded. The plan is working and all interns can restock. After John returned home victorious, he accompanied Hange to deliver Ymir`s letter to Historia.[46] He then attends a meeting where he and the rest of the surviving soldiers of the Survey Corps are interrogated by military generals and historians. [121] Later, he and his comrades waited for a ceremony of honor. When Hitch arrives, Jean assures him that Marlowe died with honor, but Floch disagrees and admits that he was very brave, but he probably regretted his choice in his final moments. When a sad Hitch leaves, Jean is horrified by Floch`s callousness. Later, he was honored by Historia. [122] Ymir Fritz, arguably the most important figure in Attack on Titan history, set the stage for most of the anime`s events, both directly and indirectly. However, very little is known about Ymir as a person or what she accomplished. John knocks Niccolo against the wall and asks him for an explanation.

Niccolo then reveals Yelena`s plan to serve wine to high-ranking officers. Jean asks her if he prevented her from drinking the wine to protect her, but Niccolo is not really sure. [147] While trying to wash Falco`s wine, Jean is caught by the Yeagerists. He tries to convince Floch that all this could be part of his enemies` plan, but Floch refuses to listen. Jean and his comrades are taken in a horse-drawn carriage en route to Shiganshina District. [148] Jean was then placed in a cell with the prisoners in the restaurant. Like Gabi, Porco was introduced at the beginning of season 4 of Attack on Titan.[149] Porco was chosen as one of Marley`s warriors and took on the role of the Titan Kiefer after Ymir`s death. When repairs begin on the ship, Eren`s Titans arrive in Odiha. Hange attacks the Titans alone, sacrificing his life to stop the Titans long enough for the plane to take off, while Jean and the others mourn the death of their commander on board. [170] Like Jean, Connie is inspired by people like Eren to take this opportunity more seriously, cemented by a direct confrontation with the Titans. In the final seasons of the anime, Connie gradually transforms into an angry character, leaving behind the positivity that once defined him.

Even if he is not as important or ubiquitous as Eren or Mikasa, Connie experiences more than his share of terror, which helps to harden the soldier. Falco is overshadowed by people like Gabi and her brother Colt. Falco is not one of Marley`s warriors and lacks a lot of physical abilities, but he is not built as a fighter, although this does not prevent the child from pulling out his neck when the moment calls for it. Jean Kirstein is a member of the Survey Corps and ranks 6th in the 104th Training Corps. Attack on Titan has a huge cast of characters, so much so that people like Petra tend to get lost in the mix. However, her messages should not be ignored as she is one of those characters who adds a touch of heart to the anime. He still tries the last shot, but a burst of steam comes out of the neck of the titan of the cart and his shot goes far. John doesn`t know if it`s the steam that`s to blame or if he missed it, of course. His squad tries to kill Pieck when his body emerges from the Titan cart, but Magath and some Marleyan soldiers vigorously defend themselves and John tells his soldiers to retreat. [135] When the airship of the survey corps arrives, John orders his squad to protect it from all enemies with all their remaining firepower. [136] Reiner`s partner, Bertolt, fades into the background during the first season of Attack on Titan and acts as a rather gentle and modest individual.