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Go to your nearest accident and emergency department (A and E). Some departments A and E have a liaison psychiatry team. To find an A and E department near you, visit the NHS website. No personal data will be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes. These details will only be shared between Commission officials and other bodies if the legal framework allows them to develop the service you receive. “Thanks to the financial benefits for the public sector, the resilience of services, the creation of better career opportunities and the support of legal staff, the customer satisfaction rate is also over 90%.” By law, anyone who needs care and support has the right to a needs analysis, which the board must conduct. Caregivers who also appear to have needs are entitled to a caregiver assessment. Children with Additional Needs (CAN) is the information and counselling support service for parents of children up to the age of 25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The service provides: In these challenging financial times, local authorities across the country are turning to joint services, and the Borough of Wokingham is already paving the way for merging services with other boards, including building control, environmental health, building technology, business standards and internal audit. SLS plans to expand its client base and offer additional legal services. For more information, call (0118) 908 8177.

Outside of these hours, adult crisis teams can be contacted for advice and advice. The various Council departments are divided into directorates. Each director is responsible for overseeing a group of domains. See below for more information. Read our datasets page for more information on the Council`s structure. Some lawyers offer free initial appointments or fixed fee options, and you may also be able to get free legal representation through legal aid. Legal aid can help pay for legal advice, family mediation and representation in court, and you can check if you qualify with the online legal aid cheque. If you are afraid of your partner (or ex-partner), you have the legal right to be protected.

Being attacked by someone you know or live with is as much a crime as violence from a stranger and often more dangerous. “It makes a lot of economic sense to share services between boards wherever possible, and SLS has proven that more than well,” said Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, Executive Member for Resident Services. The Council`s ASSIST team runs a series of workshops for parents, carers and practitioners, providing an opportunity to understand how an autistic person understands the world around them and develop strategies and tools that can help and support. Citizens Advice and Flag DV are local services that can help you and provide details about local lawyers who offer legal aid, or you can access a searchable list of locally based family law lawyers. SLS was founded five years ago to benefit from economies of scale between the two agencies and has made significant savings during that time, gained additional clients such as schools and other boards, and can now offer an hourly rate well below market levels. They also provide families with a break from family responsibilities and give parents and caregivers the opportunity to relax, spend time with their other children, or participate in recreational or exercise activities. The Discrimination on the Grounds of Disability Act 1995 provides that education providers shall not discriminate against children or pupils with disabilities by treating them less favourably and without justification. Please visit our contact page to find out how to contact or report a problem.

A crisis occurs when your child is no longer safe for themselves or others, or when immediate action or intervention is needed. This is usually a time when a situation takes all your time to take care of your child because it: “By extending your contract to 31 years. In May 2021, this successful and proven quasi-commercial service will continue to benefit the district and the individuals and organizations already using its services. The Me2 Club has launched a new SEND Youth forum for children and young people aged 8-25 with additional needs and/or their siblings in Wokingham. To learn more about the forum`s role and how to become a member, visit the Say Yes directory listing (Youth Engagement Squad). More local and national counselling and support services can be found in our: Watch the SENDIASS video on how the service helps and supports young people You must make appropriate adjustments so that students with disabilities are not significantly disadvantaged. We may share details with relevant third parties as necessary to achieve this purpose. These third parties are mandated to ensure the security of this data, dispose of it at the right time and use it only to respond to the request and not for marketing purposes. If we wish to use personal data for other purposes, we will ask you first.

Children and adolescents with a diagnosed condition may also receive a network card for children with additional needs. The card offers discounts at many attractions in and around Berkshire. Where does this information come from? Most of the information on this page comes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, some information may have been processed directly by the professional, the company or its representative. Learn more. To find out the dates of the last workshops, look for what is on the guide in our local offer. Read our datasets page for information on executive salaries and benefits. For additional mental health services, information and resources, you can: Our online payment system allows a secure transmission method to send the following types of personal data: The dates of the year`s workshops are published in the spring and fall semesters.

Develop an emergency plan that you can quickly rely on when a situation arises where your child is no longer safe for themselves or others, or when immediate action or intervention is needed. If you have other children, think about who you can turn to to care for them while you are in crisis with your child. Take a look at the following information and find ours: When services are provided over the Internet, you sometimes need to place small amounts of information on your computer or mobile phone. This includes small files called cookies. These cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of the website, which helps us to provide you with a good experience when browsing our website and to improve our website. They cannot be used to identify you personally. Visit the SEND Voices Wokingham website for more information on what they do and how to sign up. You may request that the personal data you provide not be shared within Wokingham City Council. You can also delete cookies previously stored via the browser. The Care Act 2014 introduced reforms to give people and their carers control over their care and support.

The law ensures that if you have concerns about your child`s progress and development, the support they receive, or if you need help as a parent or guardian, there are a number of local and national organisations that offer advice and support. Optalis Supported Employment Service provides a user-friendly and confidential employment support service for youth with special educational needs and disabilities, as well as those transitioning from education to the workforce. Read the UK Government`s guide to the Equality Act (PDF document). The Equality Act 2010 protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in society as a whole. Out-of-hours social emergencies – Monday to Friday from 5pm to 9am, weekend days, holidays For more leisure activities, see Search: If your child is having suicidal thoughts or extreme mental health issues, the Child and Youth Mental Health Support Service and their families/caregivers can be contacted Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. All our employees and contractors who have access to or processing of personal data are required to respect the confidentiality of such personal data.

Visit the organizations` websites for information on the support groups they run for young people: On the following websites you will find more information about the Care Act and how it ensures the well-being of people in need of care: The Elternschaft children`s organisation offers parents and carers professional support through: For child or youth mental health support, visit BHFT – Children and the Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) website. To learn more about how we use personal information, see Fair processing of your information.