Words to Use in a Legal Resume

You`ll come across a lot of buzzwords in your job search – knowing what to do with them could be the key to your success. But how do you know which keywords to include? While you don`t want to just blindly copy and paste words from the job description, you can look for clues in the job description. Harvard Law School has also compiled a list of action words you might find helpful in optimizing your resume as a lawyer. To be hired as a lawyer, you must stand out from other candidates. The first and most important step is to create an amazing resume. Take a look at the following lawyer resume examples for help and inspiration. CV rules. There are a few hard and fast rules for writing resumes. Your resume should be: In the “Employment History” section, consider whether to provide as much detail as possible and be sure to include details relevant to the position you are applying for.

Choose your words carefully. Here are some tips: The two-column template in this Google Docs resume template prioritizes work experience sections while maximizing resume content. Not all column templates are ATS compliant, but the column is saved as a PDF and routed through a resume filter. Opened and led a private general practice focused on drafting and reviewing HIPAA contracts and documents for healthcare clients. Employed two associate lawyers, a paralegal and a research student. To set yourself up for greater success with each law firm, start by editing different sections of your legal resume to make them more relevant to the position you`re looking for. This customization is also important to help you bypass the resume analysis software. Here are some of the most popular skills we see in legal resumes: This guide provides some basic suggestions for resume preparation and examples you can check out. If you would like a lawyer and consultant from the Office of Career Development to review the design of your resume, send it to the career@law.berkeley.edu career email box.

The recovery process from start to finish can take much longer than expected. Start early and give yourself plenty of time. In addition, legal hiring managers and other employers often scan resumes fairly quickly, especially when there is an influx of candidates. Adding keywords and key phrases helps grab their attention so your app doesn`t get lost in the (numeric) stack. By first describing information about your areas of expertise and experience, you essentially summarize the resume and save your hiring manager time. Designed and created in Google Docs, this two-column resume template focuses on one area of expertise. You can upload it to Word or edit it directly in Google Docs. As a lawyer, you`re a professional when it comes to persuasion – it`s time to use these skills to sell yourself on your resume to get the job you want. CV style. Resume styles vary, as shown in the examples at the end of this guide.

In addition to using the physical layout, you can use the different methods to highlight important information, such as bold, uppercase, italics, and underline. Be completely consistent with the choices you make (for example, all educational institutions in bold, all job titles in italics), right down to how you use commas, periods, and spaces. Your title may be in a different font than the main body of the resume if the mix is attractive and both fonts are conservative, and your name may be in a larger font than the rest of the text to emphasize it. Make sure you have a good balance between text and white space on the page. Although the edges may be smaller than the norm for a session paper, you should leave at least half an inch all around. This template is clean, readable for resume pre-screeners, and is effective in highlighting important achievements and projects from specific work experiences. This would be helpful if you`ve been in a company or consulting role for a while and want to steer hiring managers towards your most impressive accomplishments. Consider these extra action words to create impact and deeper meaning: Spending hours tormenting yourself over how to design your lawyer resume like a pro is not an effective use of time. No one expects you to be a graphic designer, so use tools to help you.

Free design software like Canva can provide professional resume templates – so it`s easy to give your legal resume a polished look to get a potential employer`s attention. If you`re looking for resume templates for lawyers, Yale, Notre Dame, and Berkeley have a few examples that might be helpful to you. As hard as you worked in law school, unless you were at the top of your class at a reputable school, don`t waste resume properties detailing this part of your educational experience. Unless you`re applying to a large law firm, your surrogacy is probably irrelevant. Skills sections are a great way to include some keywords and skills you have that aren`t included in other parts of your resume. This helps you bypass resume filters that search for specific keywords in your resume. With the resume tips for lawyers we`ve outlined here, you can create a successful resume to streamline your job search efforts, or update and refine your current resume to stand out. Make sure you keep an eye on relevance, tailor your skills and experience to the legal field and job you`re applying for, and be concise. As a lawyer, you are trained to present a concise and convincing argument – your lawyer resume should work the same way.

Think of your lawyer profile (also known as a summary statement) as your opening statement. In two to four sentences, your profile should succinctly summarize who you are as a lawyer, illustrate what you bring to the table, and highlight your accomplishments. While it`s true that law school graduates have a harder time finding a job, you can take steps to improve your chances of getting a job at the law firm of your choice. The key to standing out from the crowd when applying to a law firm is to equip yourself with the best tools for your job search – and a good resume is at the top of the list. Don`t just list where you`ve worked and what you`ve done, use action words to convey more meaning. Generic words such as “participated,” “worked,” and “managed” take up space on the page and are missed opportunities. Instead, create a story using appropriate action words such as “approve,” “negotiate,” and “advise.” Some technical notes. If you send your CV electronically, it is best to convert it to a PDF file first. This way, your formatting and all document history are invisible and you can control exactly how your resume is displayed and printed.

The email addresses in your contact information should be text, such as your phone number, not a hyperlink. Keep in mind that potential employers can see the name of the document. Stay clear and professional and include identifying information, such as jane_doe_resume2018.doc. Resume examples (These are included in PDF format to preserve formatting, an essential part of effective resume creation.) Back to content “Compelling litigator, backed by dual state license (NY, NJ) and practical expertise in antitrust, product liability, and catastrophic personal injury defense.