To all the phenomenal ladies…Womandla

Feminist printable

I would like to dedicate this post to all the phenomenal women around the world who continue to push boundaries and barriers. The term ‘Womandla’ is a combination of two words; ‘woman’ and ‘amandla’ with the latter meaning ‘power’ in the Nguni languages.

Not to forget all the men in support of the much needed transformation in different areas of life from such as politics, science, academia etc. One thing that resonated with me while going through my social media posts was for the narrative to change from focussing on what women cannot do that men can do to what women can do that men cannot do. I thought that shift in mindset from both genders was quite powerful. I also like reading stories about successful women in society and some of my favourite places are:

      • Womandla Celebrating the power of women
      • DiversitySTEM Promoting diversity in STEM careers
      • WomEng Developing a more gender diverse engineering and tech workforce
      • Spark READ Sparking the resilience, empowerment, activism and development of young people in Zimbabwe

I made three pieces for this collection, with the following interpretation:

The featured image in this post is an afro girl with a leaf/fern in the hair symbolising life and a peace – an African woman in meditation. The woman with one hand up in a fist is the revolutionary and change-maker, she is consistent and resolute. The afro and head-wrap side view is symbolic of beauty, confidence and elegance.


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